Sore Joint Relief

Sore Joints

Take one tablespoon of flax oil per day per one hundred pounds. You may want to add some whole food Vitamin B6; take up to 150 milligrams per day for three months. B6 is necessary to help the flax oil metabolize to a pain relieving tissue-like hormone called PG3.

Carpal Tunnel syndrome, bunions, (yes you read it right…bunions), tennis elbow, trigger finger, shoulder tendonitis, etc. will all respond with flax oil and B6. Birth control pills deplete B6. You can tell if you are low in it if your liver test SGPT is less than six.

Do you have swollen tissues in your body? That is a common body signal for B6.

Do you know what else B6 helps do in the body? It helps your body metabolize protein into feel good neurotransmitters in the brain. In other words, it will help with depression and anxiety!

-Dr. Bob DeMaria, author of The Drugless Doctor

Recipe for Magic Relief Formula

Combine the following in the exact order in an amber-colored glass jar:
1 oz. Young Living V6 mixing oil
8 drops Spruce Essential Oil
8 drops Sandalwood Essential Oil
7 drops Fir Essential Oil
5 drops Hyssop Essential Oil
4 drops Lemongrass Essential Oil
5 drops Helichrysum Essential Oil
4 drops Birch (or Wintergreen) Essential Oil
2 drops German (blue) Chamomile Essential Oil
1 drop Blue Tansy Essential Oil

“I made it for myself when I tore the muscles and ligaments in my shoulder and was told that my hip joints were wearing out. My Grandmother had hip replacement surgery and she said if you don’t have to go through that, don’t.”

“At night I could not lay on my sides as my hip would start aching and hurting clear down my leg. Since I made the Magic Relief I no longer have had problems sleeping on my sides at night and this has been eight years since I made this blend and started using it.”

“My shoulder had healed wrong because I didn’t go to a doctor until 6 months later. I could not lift my arm let alone carry anything. I now have full use of my arm and can carry any amount of heavy objects.”

“This blend has been used to:
– fill a hole in that had been eaten almost through by a virus in the of bone of a finger when antibiotics wouldn’t work.
– Stiff neck and arthritic problems (along with Frankincense) and for cancer and chemo side effects.
– To assist in a the transition of death, making the pass-over peaceful and easing the pain of cancer.”

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