Lemon (Citrus limon) has a strong, purifying, citrus scent that is revitalizing and uplifting. Lemon consists of 68 percent dlimonene, a powerful antioxidant. It is delightfully refreshing in water and may be beneficial for the skin. Lemon may also be used to enhance the flavor of foods. Lemon essential oil is cold-pressed from the rinds of lemons. Jean Valnet MD estimated that it takes 3,000 lemons to produce one kilo of oil. In his book, The Practice of Aromatherapy, Valnet wrote that lemon is a tonic for supporting the nervous and sympathetic nervous system.* Lemon has an approximate ORAC of 6,619 (TE/L). TE/L is expressed as micromole Trolox equivalent per liter.


For dietary, aromatic or topical use. When using as a supplement, put one drop in a capsule or in 4 fl. oz. of soy or rice milk.


Photosensitive…Avoid using on skin exposed to direct sunlight or UV rays for 72 hours after use. Do not use near fire, flame, heat or sparks. Possible skin sensitivity. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Dilution recommended for both topical and internal use. Dilute before using on sensitive areas such as the face, neck, genital area, etc. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid using on infants and very small children.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Additional Uses for Lemon

  • Use 6 drops of Lemon oil and 6 drops of Purification oil in a squirt bottle mixed with distilled water to use in the bathroom as an air freshener.
  • Use 1-2 drops to remove gum, oil, grease spots or crayon.
  • Use 1 drop add flavor to baked goods or beverages.
  • For homemade lemonade, in a blender mix 2 drops of Lemon oil, 2 tablespoons of honey and two cups of pure water. Adjust the amount of each ingredient to suit your own taste.
  • Rub a drop on a corn, callous or bunion mornings and evenings.
  • To clean and increase the shelf life of fresh fruit, fill a bowl with cool water and 2-3 drops. Drop your cleaned fruit into the water and stir. Be sure all surfaces of the fruit contact the lemon water.
  • Add 2-3 drops to water and spray counter tops to sterilize them.
  • Soak your dishcloth overnight in a bowl of water and a drop to disinfect and kill germs.
  • Add a drop to your dishwasher before the wash cycle.
  • Rub a drop on your hands after using a public bathroom.
  • Use a paper towel soaked with several drops to sanitize bathroomfixtures.
  • Place a drop on cold sores, herpes or other mouth ulcers to lessen pain and aid in healing.
  • Put a drop on bleeding gums caused by gingivitis or tooth extraction.
  • Put a drop on oily skin or acne to balance sebaceous glands (oil glands).
  • Rub several drops on cellulite to improve circulation and help eliminate waste from the cells.
  • Rub two drops topically to clear athlete’s foot.
  • Rub several drops on varicose veins to improve circulation and relieve pressure on the veins.
  • Rub a drop on a wart morning and night until it disappears.
  • Put 10-15 drops/gallon of carpet cleaning solution to help pull out stains and brighten the rug. This also leaves a fresh smell in the room.
  • Make a spray bottle of water with 15-25 drops of lemon oil to kill germs in bathroom or on kitchen surfaces.
  • Add lemon oil to freshen and sanitize your dish sponge or cloth.
  • Add lemon to the water in your vaporizer or humidifier to sweeten the air and combat germs.
  • Laundry smells fantastic when lemon is added to the wash water.

Recipes for Lemon

Facial Steam Treatment
4-6 C hot water
1 drop bergamot
2 drops lemon

Pour the hot water in ceramic bowl. Add the essential oils. Drape the towel over the head, bending over the bowl at least 8 inches above the water, to form a tent. Keep eyes closed during the steam treatment, for 15-20 minutes or until water has cooled. Gently pat face with a towel to dry.

For oily skin rosemary and cedarwood can be used.

Cleaning Floors
To clean hard floors, add l/4 cup of white vinegar to a bucket of water. Then add 5- 10 drops of lemon oil. If the floor is especially dirty, add several drops of dishwashing soap or Thieves Household Cleaner. This will clean even the dirtiest floor.

Carpet Freshener
2 C baking soda
4 T borax
30 drops lemon oil
10 drops pine oil
4 T unscented talc powder

Sift dry ingredients together. Mix oils and add to dry mix (1 drop at a time) while mixing thoroughly. Store in a glass jar. Stir 2 times a day for 3 days before using. Sprinkle lightly on the carpet. Leave overnight or as long as possible before vacuuming.

Furniture Polish
In a 16 oz spray bottle:

2 t olive oil ( preferably the light kind)
15 drops of essential lemon oil
1/4 C white distilled vinegar

Fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water

How to use:

Spray formula on your rag or directly onto the furniture. Wipe it dry immediately. The olive oil conditions and the vinegar cleans. You can also squirt some on your dust mop for your hardwood floors

Window Cleaner
In a 1 qt spray bottle:

White Vinegar
10-15 drops of Lemon Essential Oil

Fill bottle half way with vinegar. Fill balance of bottle with water and essential oil. Shake and use.

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