Infant Massage Class for Caregivers

Cute-Black-Baby-Pictures2Did you know…

…that massage aids in neurological development, boosting IQ?

…that massage has been shown to speed up mylenation during the first 3 years of an infant’s life?

…that massage enhances the stability of the nervous system and resistance to disease?

…that massage aids in bonding?

…that massage builds trust?

…that massage aids in reduction of cortisol and helps an infant tolerate stress?

…that massage may provide relief for discomfort associated with gas, constipation, colic, and reflux?

…that massage helps caregivers become aware of their baby’s verbal and non-verbal cues?

Infant massage is beneficial both for baby and caregiver.
Anecdotal information and research shows many short and long term benefits.

Call for a list of Class Times


1. Toddler – child is walking/crawling
2. Cancellations – at least ONE WEEK PRIOR to start of series for full refund otherwise non-refundable and any social media coupon is forfeited.
3. Class changes are space restrictive and will incur a $25 change fee payable online.
4. Register every caregiver attending. For example, mom and dad with one child = 2 registrations.
5. One child per adult.  No additional children permitted.


Infant Massage Classes for Caregivers are taught by Monica Leibacher, BS.Ed, LMT, CST, CIMT. Graduate of Central Florida School of Massage Therapy, Monica entered into the massage therapy field after a successful 10 year teaching career. She seeks to incorporate her education background with massage to offer therapy, suitable for all ages. Offering special family pricing, Monica encourages parents to bring children in for treatment.   They need it too!  Monica is motivated to maintain high credentials and committed to provide the best in massage therapy and its various modalities for Central Florida. Monica is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Florida, a Certified Craniosacral Therapist, and a Certified Infant Massage Teacher through the Liddle Kidz Foundation.  She offers Parent Education classes which train caregivers  in massage techniques most beneficial for infants and how to incorporate them during daily routines.  Monica is member of the International Alliance of Health Practitioners and the Florida State Massage Therapy Association as well as a past member of their Sports Massage Team. She offers adult and pediatric therapeutic massage, craniosacral therapy, Young Living aromatherapy, 4-hand massage, water therapy, kinesiotaping, ionic detox foot baths, and ear candling to her clients. She incorporates Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish Massage, visceral manipulation, and essential oil into massages based on client need.

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