2014 November

Massage makes a great gift!

  • 70 min massage Gift Certificate – $70
  • Christmas Special – 40 min foot bath and 30 min massage combo treatment – $65

Be Well!

Upcoming Baby Class

Large Group Intro Classes:
Storytime and Baby Massage
Celebration Library – Every 3rd Wednesday
Beginning January 2015 – Free

Small Group 4 Class Series:
Learn to Massage Your Baby
Rosewood Massage Office – Saturday
Jan 31, Feb 7, 14, 21 – 11:00am – $125

Learn to Massage Your Toddler
Rosewood Massage Office – Saturday
Jan 31, Feb 7, 14, 21 – 12:30am – $125


Do you…

  • turn your head/torso towards a monitor and sit with your legs pointed a different direction?
  • stand for a long time at work and put more weight on one foot than the other?
  • cross your legs or sit on a wallet?

Improper posture habits make balance difficult.  Tense muscles lose their ability to complete a full range of motion (ROM).  Over time, muscle aches and pain creep in and you wonder, “Why am I so sore?  I don’t remember doing anything.”

Two solutions…

  • Stretching helps restore balance to the body letting overstretched muscles take a break.
  • Massage is also key to restoring balance and providing oxygen to muscles.
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