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We made it back from China in one piece! This time however has been bittersweet as we made haste for Ohio a few days later for what turned out to be the death of my mom. Now that we are back in Florida, we have been doing some weeding and unpacking. It has been nice to take my clothes out of a drawer in the morning (small pleasures!).
I am slated to take my fourth round of coursework with Upledger in June and a Clinical Applications for Pediatrics class in August and am looking forward to that. June’s class will be SomatoEmotional Release II. If you have never tried a craniosacral treatment, there is no better time than the present!


This amazing treatment is done in the water under the careful hand of at least three therapists and is fantastic for the treatment of old “stuff,” whether it is physical or emotional. As the recipient, you will float on the surface of the water as all three therapists gently support you from underneath. While they work they will be using a variety of techniques, chiefly Craniosacral Therapy.
The treatment lasts for 30 minutes but a recipient integrates it like it was a 1 1/2 hour treatment due to multiple therapists working at once. Generally, a recipient can only handle 30 minutes of this work at a time and needs to allow their body to process and digest treatment.
Treatment is offered in two locations: East Orlando and Celebration. Clients and therapists wear bathing suits for the treatment and ear plugs might be helpful for some. Clients need not know how to swim as treatment is carefully administered in shallow water at all times. Noodles are always available if they are needed. (Please allow at least 72 for scheduling of multiple therapists.) Details and pricing

OIL ESSENTIALS: Frankincense – An Ancient Healing Oil (Part 3 of 3)

Frankincense is mentioned in one of the oldest known medical records, Ebers Papyrus, dating from the 16BC, and ancient Egyptians listed the oil in hundreds of prescriptions and recipes. It was valued more than gold during ancient times and only those with great wealth and abundance possessed it.
Frankincense (Boswellia carteri) trees grow without soil out of polished marble rocks.
Deep cuts are made along the tree and the yellow milk-like juice that flows out soon hardens. The frankincense globules are scraped off and distilled into essential oil. The season for gathering lasts from May until September.
To use:
Diffuse – good for congestion and voice loss, as well as to calm the mind, reduce mental strain, cultivate internal peace, and place past obsessive states into perspective.
Blend with massage oil/cream or add to bath – good for circulatory support, respiratory support, exhaustion, and nightmares. It also has a good astringent effect on the skin; perks up older, more mature skin; and may assist the body in healing itself of wounds, sores, and ulcers.
Wash or use as compress – assists in healing and lessening the appearance of scars from wounds, add a few drops of frankincense to the water when washing a wound. For other applications, apply diluted oil directly onto the affected area or use as a compress. Additional frankincense recipes can be found here.
* Not FDA evaluated or meant to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent disease.


Sometimes companies trick consumers into thinking their products do not have parabens, but the potential toxin is actually present and hidden in the ingredients list as “Japanese Honeysuckle”, a natural source of parabens but chemically identical to the synthetic variety.

MAILBAG: Water therapy was great!

Mom was very pleased with the water therapy. Comments she has made since the therapy are: feeling very much at ease and rested, feels clean outside and inside, more balanced – probably due to adjustments therapists noted during treatment. She said she would highly recommend treatment for anyone. Mrs. Stephens (Tallahassee, FL)
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